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Giulia Madonia

Lives and works in Rome, Italy

I find inspiration for my artworks through a close, attentive look into nature.
I focus on a particular organic texture, wood, bark, vegetable, animal or the shape of a rock and I bring it in the circumscripted space of an artwork.

Sometimes city landscapes as well offer me a suggestion, such as the uneven cobblestones of the city I live in or the fascination of a peeling crackle wall.
I like playing with patina on metal finishes, since the oxydation is always unpredictable and unique and gives distinctiveness to each piece.
Through my website I collaborate with collectionists, art consultants and interior designers, creating bespoke pieces of art custom designed for each project.

You can also find my works on the following art platforms:

Saatchi Art


Online exhibition


Organizzata da Dobe Group e dal Centro Sino Italiano di Design, in collaborazione con il Comune di Firenze, il Quartiere 4 del Comune di Firenze, lo Shanghai Promotion Center for City of Design, e la Shanghai International Culture Association

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