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Made to order - The patina is always sligthly different and therefore each cast is a unique piece.

Some pictures of the artwork will be sent for your approval before shipping.

Each sculpture has a 'Certificate of Authenticity' signed and numbered by the artist.
The edition number is also applied on the back of the wall sculpture by hand.


The texture of this bronze patina wall relief reminds of the rocks shaped by weathering and erosion.
The artwork is resin cast and copper coated, then oxydized to obtain a real tourquoise patina which enhances the texture and adds distinctiveness to each edition.
A sealer avoids further oxidations and a matt final varnish protects the surface of the artwork from dust and UV.
The artwork is ready to hang with 2 hidden hooks, the wall hardware is supplied.


The interior views are to approx scale, please measure your wall to ensure proper fit.

Actual colours may vary due to photography & computer settings.

For extra EU shipments there may be some additional duties which are not included in the cost of the item. Please contact me to check possible customs duty in advance.
US: original works of art are duty-free. Sales taxes may apply.
UK: 5% reduced VAT on artworks.
OTHER EXTRA EU COUNTRIES: please contact me to check possible customs duties in advance.

Erosion | Bronze

Processing time: 2 weeks
  • Made to order

    From a limited edition of 25

    47 x 109 x 3 cm

    18 1/2 x43 x 1 1/4 in

    Urethan resin / Bronze coated

    Ready to hang

    Signed and numbered certificate of authenticity


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